Wisdom Wednesday – Mother Teresa

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

-Mother Teresa

We can learn a thing or two about humility and service from Mother Teresa. I can’t help but be challenged by the dedication she had to loving people. She lived selflessly – something that’s just not done in society. We can be happier and make other people happier by putting their needs above our own. By taking a step back and thinking of others first, we are able to experience a deep joy that only comes from service.

I’m not trying to say we should only serve people in order to get something for ourselves. However, it’s no secret that feeling better is a byproduct of pouring out love to others.

Mother Teresa

Yesterday, I had an encounter that made my eyes begin to tear with joy. I was walking back to my apartment after teaching a class when I saw a couple of students. I smiled and waved as we approached each other.

After a little small talk about our days and where we were going, one of the girls said to me,

“Emily, you’re always so happy.”

“You think so?” I replied.

“Yes. You always smile and are happy,” the other girl said.

“We like you very much. You make us happy,” said the first girl.

I walked away feeling incredibly blessed. Everyday I have the opportunity to simply love other people. It’s not as if I put a ton of effort into trying to win their favor. I just do my job. By putting passion into my work I have been able to spread love to people who need to feel loved.

Every one of us has the same opportunity each day. You can spread love to your coworkers, to the barista at the coffee shop, to the people on the elevator and to your friends and family. Spread love by being kind and friendly. It doesn’t take much effort to give a little smile or hold the door for someone else. What you see as a small gesture can make someone else’s day.

Spread that love. Be kind. And, those you meet will leave happier.

4 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday – Mother Teresa

  1. Emily,fantastic article,I just started working at Mc donald’s,I’am seeing first hand what you are saying,hope your week is going good

  2. Kindness is so contagious! I cannot tell you how many times I have heard stories of people who go to Starbucks and buy coffee for the person behind them, who in turn buys it for the person behind them, and so forth. If you ever get an opportunity, I would highly recommend reading the first couple chapters of Les Miserable by Victor Hugo–an amazing story of how a scoundrel becomes a kind gentlemen because someone GAVE him KINDNESS.

    1. It’s so cool how contagious it is! Those stories are amazing! Funny you should suggest Les Mis. I actually have it downloaded on my Kindle app with the intention of starting it one of these days. :)

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