Wisdom Wednesday – Dwight L. Moody

D.L. Moody
D.L. Moody – A man whose faith intrigues me. I recently read A Passion for Souls: The Life of D.L. Moody by Lyle W. Dorsett. Though lengthy, the book gave me a greater understanding of what made Moody such an influential man of God. The key was his willingness to surrender.
Not only was he called by God, but he responded. He endured hardship and trials, yet still stood firm, knowing that God is good. Moody preached to people who were not welcome in churches of his time. He didn’t care if this made him look bad to those of high social importance. He knew that the message of the Gospel is too important not to share.
After leaving behind a successful career in business, Moody entered ministry, building up believers in the Chicago area, through the YMCA and area churches. Eventually, he started a training school that is now known as Moody Bible Institute. Moody did revival tours around Britain and the U.S. 
D.L. Moody’s resume of accomplishments is impressive. Even more impressive, though, is the way the Holy Spirit worked through him to bring the message of Christ to thousands upon thousands of people who needed to hear the truth. It’s pretty incredible what a willing servant can accomplish when they allow God to work through them instead of working for God and asking Him to bless it. 
Moody said,

“Character is what a man is in the dark.”

This piece of wisdom seems simple, yet still so profound. Character is about more than what other people see. If you are truly a person of character, what’s done when nobody is watching is a true reflection of you. To me, the dark also represents sin and impure desires. When you are surrounded by things that are not good for you, do you stand firm and still hold true to your values? Or, do you easily cave, thinking that “nobody has to know.” 
Your character is who you are at the core. It’s who you are when others cannot see your downfalls or when you are not surrounded by positive influences. 
I feel challenged by what Moody said. Am I the same in the dark as I am in front of others? I certainly hope so and try to be, but I know I still fall short. This is a bit of a heart check. Where are my intentions? Am I living in a way that is honoring to God in and outside of the dark? 
P.S. I have not been faithfully updating this blog. This is going to change as I get back on a regular posting schedule. I feel that I need to begin posting regularly again. My desire and commitment to blogging is to post 3 days per week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from here on out. It is what I did during the first few months of blogging, but got off track. Expect to see a lot more in the coming weeks! Thanks for reading. :) 


7 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday – Dwight L. Moody

  1. Loved the article, thank you so much. Was it a difficult read ? I myself have a problem in the dark. Thank you for making me aware in what I need to do.
    Many blessings and happiness always to you

    1. Thank you, Jim! I’m glad you appreciated it. It wasn’t a terribly difficult read, but there were times it got tedious. There’s a lot of information about Moody’s every move. I liked the book a lot because it gave me a deeper understanding of his life.

  2. Great post Emily,D.L Moody was a great man of God,he would be appalled at what’s going on today especially in our churches. If you liked D.L Moody,you should look up Billy Sunday.

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