Why it’s been quiet here…

Jonathan and Emily RyanHey there! If you’ve been a reader of the blog for some time, you may have noticed that things have been very quiet here lately. I haven’t posted in over six months. I’ve also (mostly) gone silent on social media. So what gives?

Well, the truth is I’m healing…or almost fully healed.

I found a program called the Dynamic Neural Retraining System. And God used it to heal my limbic system and put me on a (gradual) path toward better days of health. It’s been a long haul, but it’s been so worth it.

Now I live a mostly “normal” life. And I’m married!

A year ago, I wasn’t sure this was possible. God’s grace got us to where we are today…

You can read more about the journey of healing here.

Thanks for being here! If you are still walking a rough road with chronic illness, I want you to know that I do understand the pain and darkness that accompanies sickness. This blog is a place where a real hope is offered, even through life’s most difficult moments. I’m praying for you.

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