When It Stops Being All About You

You may have decided to make major life changes. You are on a path of personal betterment. You’re getting your life back on track. This is so good. It’s important to be in a place of peace and contentment with yourself. Whether you’ve been battling weight issues, anxiety, self discontentment or spiritual darkness, at the beginning it’s all about you. No matter your obstacles, there’s a point of brokenness where it becomes nearly impossible to see your challenges in light of the bigger picture.

There were times when my well-meaning faithful friends tried to tell me that none of my issues mattered in light of eternity. Logically, I knew this, but I wouldn’t believe it. I was feeling that low. My faith in God’s perfect will was shaken. I couldn’t understand why I was struggling to get out of bed in the morning, why I couldn’t just have clear skin, why men continued to break my heart, and so much more. At that point, had you told me there were people worse off than I, I would have just grown irritated instead of being grateful for all that was going right.

At my lowest breaking point, my struggles were all about me. There’s no denying it. It’s contrary to everything I believe about humility but it’s a natural byproduct of “first-world problems.” I never went a day without food, shelter or people who loved me, yet to me, my problems were huge.

It was only when my new, positive habits began to change me that I could start seeing my obstacles as just one piece of the puzzle. I was once again able to see the true brokenness of the world and rededicate my life to helping others in meaningful ways.

We are each on a journey. Life isn’t about the end result but about each moment strung together as beautiful, broken seasons. We weren’t promised an easy road, but we can be content with knowing there will be ups and downs.

It's Not All About You

Now that my beautiful mess of a life seems to be going better, I know I can’t just sit back and enjoy the good life. I’ve been impressed with a greater purpose. I believe I’m called to share my challenges and betterment tactics with you so that you can be encouraged on your life’s journey.

I don’t believe we were born to be individualistic. We were made to bring something significant to the world. We were made to love and serve people. Out of the darkness of our own obstacles, we can have greater compassion for other people.

As your life changes, I want to encourage you to find that outlet to share something with the world. It can be anything. Listen to the needs around you and seek to give of your life. Remember that each person has their own problems. What you may find small is a mountain to another. Going through challenges is humbling. Don’t forget how you felt at your lowest points for the brokenness you remember can spur you on in service to others.

In the early part of an obstacle, it will more than likely seem to be all about you. However, as you change your mindset and begin recovery, you have a great capacity to impact others. We each struggle with big or small things. Start seeing the challenges as a lesson and seek to better the world as a result. You’ll soon realize (as I had to learn) that it’s not all about you.

Get out there. Change your life and humbly serve others. 

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  1. Emily,you are beautiful just the way you are,I can’t believe anyone would break your heaart,if we were together I wouldn’t break your heart.

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