The Real Value of Roses

Prior to dating Jonathan, I was on the fence about whether flowers (especially roses) were worth the expense. The gesture is nice, I thought, but I wouldn’t want my boyfriend to spend that kind of money on something that will just die. I thought I would rather create experiences together or buy something that would serve as a relationship keepsake.

However, I have since changed my tune. I never vocally expressed my feelings about flowers to Jonathan; and, now I’m glad I didn’t! I really really REALLY appreciate flowers. They do something lovely to boost my mood!

Isn’t it amazing how God created things like flowers specifically for beauty? He created them for us to enjoy and I want to appreciate them.

Jonathan brought me these beautiful red roses yesterday before our birthday date. You see, my birthday is January 27 and his is January 30. Our birthdays lie right in heat of show choir season (he is the director of the high school varsity group), so having the opportunity to get away just the two of us for a date during this time of year is pretty special.

Today, while Jonathan is off judging a show choir competition, I had a work meeting before I came home to rest. I have been fighting off a cold that seems to be winning, so it left me feeling awful today. While spending the afternoon and evening resting, I got to enjoy the roses that now grace my dining room table. I can see them from where I am currently sitting as I lounge on the couch writing this blog post.

The roses don’t just make me happy because they are pretty, which they sure are! They serve as a reminder of Jonathan’s love for me. I can’t help but grin as I glance at the roses because I know that Jonathan gave them to me because he loves me.

I have to admit that I have a hard time with the schedules we keep. Our relationship has not been easy. Finding time to grow together so that we have a foundation for the future has been complicated. When Jonathan isn’t around, I miss him.

Having the roses here today to remind me just how much he loves me made all the difference. The value of roses is much greater than the sticker price. They serve as a crucial reminder that I am loved.

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