The Power of a Smile

The concept of this post is really quite simple.


Do it more. Keep smiling.

I cannot even begin to tell you how smiling has changed my life. You may think it sounds silly or basic — and you’re right!  It is. But, smiling is a true mood-lifter. Even more, smiling AND laughing is a perfect combination that will leave you feeling better than ever.

Smile at your friends.

Smile at strangers.

Smile to yourself.

…and Laugh. A lot.

How could you not smile after seeing those cute little children?
How could you not smile after seeing those cute little children?

A few weeks ago, I was having a slightly gloomy day. The weather wasn’t very good and I wasn’t feeling up to the pushing and shoving that happens everywhere in China. I had to run errands, but wasn’t happy about it.

I got on the bus as usual when something happened inside of me. I realized I was being unnecessarily pessimistic, so I laughed to myself about it. After giving myself a little pep talk, I started to smile. I smiled at people on the bus. I smiled at people on the street. Everywhere I went that day, I smiled.

After awhile, not smiling felt unnatural. I felt like I needed to keep it up. And, you know what? My day was wonderful! Even though there was nothing particularly remarkable that happened, I felt good. I felt so good because I kept a smile on my face.

I encourage you to smile more. Smile at people you would normally ignore. Do it with sincerity.

You’ll be happier.

Mother Teresa Smile

13 thoughts on “The Power of a Smile

    1. So glad you liked the post! It’s incredible how a smile is so easy, yet makes such an impact.

  1. Emily you are so right,someone once told me it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile,when God is first in your life,you will be truly happy.

        1. Thank you! No, those are some kids I met when I toured a primary school in a different city. I teach university students right now, but am thinking about making the transition to kindergarten or primary.

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