5 Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving with Lyme Disease

Thanksgiving and Chronic Illness

When you’re sick with Chronic Lyme Disease, everything in life can be a little overwhelming!

I know how it goes.

I’ve been there.

Some days, I’m still there.

There’s so much to think through, plan, and do to keep symptoms under control. And even then, it can be a tossup as to whether treatment is actually going to make you feel better. A lot of times, you feel worse before you feel better because of Herxheimer Reactions. It’s tough (to say the least)!

So normal things like celebrating Thanksgiving with your family or friends can seem daunting. If you had previously been the one to host the festivities, the idea of cooking, cleaning, and opening your home for others can be enough to cause panic. If you usually travel for Thanksgiving, that can add another layer of challenges.

No matter what kind of Thanksgiving plans you usually partake in, I’ve put together a short list of things to help you to enjoy Thanksgiving while you live with Lyme Disease.

Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving with Lyme Disease

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5 Way to Enjoy Thanksgiving with Lyme Disease

1. Plan in advance

As much as possible, try to plan in advance. Think through the various family gatherings and begin to prioritize your time. The fatigue with Lyme may mean it’s not possible to do everything you used to do for Thanksgiving, and that is okay! Start planning now so you have an idea of what you need to do, what you can eat, and how it will all work together.

2. Be honest with the people in your life

Believe me, I know how hard it is to have people in your life not understand how difficult life with Lyme Disease really is. When it comes to navigating family holiday celebrations, though, it is better to tell people what they can expect from you upfront. If you are not able to help with the cooking or participate in board games, do your best to have honest conversations about what you can and cannot do this Thanksgiving.

3. Have food on hand that’s satisfying

When everyone else is eating pumpkin pie and warm dinner rolls with butter, it can be hard to feel satisfied if your current health situation requires dietary restrictions. It’s SO important to find ways to substitute healthier options for your favorite foods.

A few of my favorite alternatives that are these Paleo/GF crackers, this soy sauce alternative, these GF/DF chocolate muffins, and these GF noodles. :)

4. Schedule in rest before and after festivities, but seek to laugh and have fun while celebrating!

I know that Lyme comes with unpredictability! Some days you don’t know if you’ll be able to leave the house (or even your bed!). It can be tough. In order to hopefully be able to enjoy the holiday festivities, try to schedule rest time before and after the events. Then, when you’re actually with people, have fun with them. Savor each moment, and laugh as much as you can!

5. Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude is so important! It helps us to look beyond the pain we’re experiencing and recognize ways God has blessed us. It may not always be easy to notice the things we can be grateful for, so I designed this free 30 Day Guided Gratitude Journal to help! After making a list based on the daily prompt, you can go to God in a prayer of gratitude for the ways He has provided for you! Download your free copy today!


Thanksgiving with Lyme Disease


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