Take a Walk

I find walking quite enjoyable. There’s something wonderful about taking in fresh air while putting a little movement into your day. While some people are all about high intensity workouts at the gym, others appreciate the simple act of walking as their form of exercise. Although I must admit I like both levels of intensity, there’s something calming about taking a walk that cannot be achieved while inside.

When I lived in China, I walked several miles each day. The combination of walking to and from my daily activities and then adding in some exercise kept me active. Now that I’m back in American suburbia, I don’t find as many chances to walk in my daily life. This is due to a combination of circumstances along with my own laziness and conformity to societal norms.

This morning I woke up and decided I needed to walk. There was no stopping me. It was nice – really nice. The weather was cool, yet a little sunny. There were several people out and about. We said “hello” and “good morning.” With each person I passed, my smile grew bigger. “This…” I thought to myself “is why I love to walk.” I felt so much peace from being out in the morning.

Not only was I moving my body during my morning walk, but I had the chance to think, breathe, and smile. It’s a simple way to find peace and bring yourself back to a place of clarity.

 Take a Walk

Need a boost? Then take a walk. Give yourself a chance to think while doing something good for your body. You don’t even have to do it alone. Walking is a perfect activity to do with a friend.

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