Embracing Life’s Seasons

Embrace the SeasonAs I stepped outside to walk my dog a few nights ago, I was shocked by how cold it had gotten. Snow had softly fallen and the air was crisp and cool. Wow, I thought to myself. I’m tired of being cold all the time. I can’t wait for spring.

You see, I find my reaction quite humorous. As soon as I began mentally complaining, I stopped myself. I was frustrated because I want to have a good attitude. I tell myself that I want to do everything without arguing or complaining (Philippians 2:14). So greatly do I desire to just be thankful for the circumstances God has given me, but there are times when I slip up. As unfortunate as it may be, I’m human. :)

And, so, I laughed. Right there on the quiet street as my dog jumped through the snow, I laughed. Oh, Emily. Embrace the season. I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me. So, I listened.

As good ‘ol Corah and I walked up and back down the street, I thought about how each season of weather serves a purpose. Right now as we are in winter, it can feel dull and dreary. At first the fresh snow is exciting, but as we experience week after week of coldness and little sunlight, we become less enthusiastic about this time of year (at least up here in the Midwest!). We can’t wait for the day when snow and ice melt, carrying in the new life of spring. Read more