When You’re Not Okay…

When You're Not Okay

I am convinced that we as a society put too much pressure on ourselves and each other. There are unspoken rules surrounding expectations, with hidden pressures waiting to pounce as soon as your guard is lowered. Sometimes those expectations come from others, but more often I have found that the expectations I place on myself are the ones leaving me discouraged.

I want to have it all together. I want to do well at work and have meaningful relationships with friends and family. Being active in church, exercising, eating well and sleeping enough are also high on my priority list. I want to have a daily quiet time with God, where I get to meet Him and pour out my heart, while listening for His voice. Sometime, I want to get better at this writing thing and actually blog regularly. There’s also a book I’ve been writing, but haven’t made progress in weeks, maybe months.

Striving is where you often find me. Pushing. Tackling. Aiming. Working. Wanting. and. Struggling. With the strive is the struggle. And, honestly, I hate it.

I can’t stand the way I constantly try to fix things – to fix myself. To fix the people I love because I think I’ll be happier that way. It’s pretty selfish, I know.

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We All Need a Little Rest

We Need RestWhen did it become cool to see how little sleep we can rely on while still maintaining the appearance of having it all together?

Why do some people need to make a point to emphasize how little they rest? (As if that somehow makes them better than the person who makes resting a priority!)

The last post on this blog was about being busy. We (primarily Americans) pride ourselves with the ability to juggle far too many commitments. We somehow are deceived into believing what we “accomplish” in a day’s work is some indication of our self-worth. That’s a lie. Whether or not you seem productive to other people has no bearing on your value. You as a human being are adequate. You are loved. You are desired. That’s what matters.

Rest and busyness are two subjects that go hand-in-hand. If you are too busy, you lack the time for rest. If you actually have time to rest, you must not be busy enough, so you’d better step it up! (Or at least that’s what society tries to tell us!)

Take that Sabbath Already!

Take a SabbathI don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. I’m tired. I’m worn out. I need a break.

It’s kind of funny for me to say this. For the first 7 months of this school year, I had more than enough free time. I was actually tired of the free time and longed to be busier. Well, sometimes you get more than you ask for…

The past couple of months have been full of regular teaching, part-time jobs, new friendships, and other extracurricular activities. Instead of having the weekends free to lounge and do my own thing, I’ve had to work. At first it seemed wonderful to make extra money, but now I’m starting to weigh the pros and cons of doing extra work.

Oftentimes for my own health and well-being it isn’t worth it to become overly busy. When I’m busy, I am more tired and stressed. And, let’s face it. Stress doesn’t make me look pretty. HA! (but, really, it’s true!)  It also doesn’t make me feel good. Some people seem to have everything under control even in stressful situations. I used to think I could handle them, but I am now happy admit that I don’t do well with stress. Not only am I uglier, but my personality is uglier… I am not as optimistic or loving as I’d like to be. Read more