Planning for an Intentional Year with a Chronic Illness

Planning for an Intentional Year When You Have a Chronic Illness

It’s 2017, friends!

Can you believe it?

Back in June, when my health was the worst it has ever been, I couldn’t see past the day in front of me. I didn’t know if I would make it to the next day, let alone push through to the end of the year.

Now that we’re finally to January, I can look back and see some of the ways God has worked in my life over the past year to bring me to a better place on this chronic illness journey. I’ve recognized that there is hope!

Over the past few days I’ve worked on setting some goals (Read this post if you’d like tips for goal-setting with a chronic illness!) and have been thinking about what it means to live intentionally even when I can’t control how I’ll feel.

All around the internet, I see bloggers posting their lists of goals and resolutions or sharing their one word for 2017 that sums up their heart’s desire. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy hearing what others are planning or learning through the process of goal-setting. It can be inspiring to think about what could be.

But, those of us with chronic illnesses may feel discouraged because we think we can’t live up to a healthy person’s goals. After all, it might be a struggle for us to just get through the day.

As I think about being intentional in 2017, I am also choosing to be realistic and to give myself grace.

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