8 Things Spoonies Need for Winter

8 Things Spoonies Need for Winter

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considered a “spoonie” or you love someone who is a “spoonie.” A “spoonie” is a term used to refer to those who suffer from a chronic illness – based on “The Spoon Theory” – but you probably already knew that!

Many of those in the chronic illness community experience pain, fatigue, and issues with temperature changes. The cold may not be appreciated by those who have chronic health issues.

It’s no secret to the people in my life that I don’t like winter very much.

I’d much rather be curled up on the couch than outside participating in winter activities.

While winter isn’t the easiest time for managing chronic illness, there are some things I use regularly during the winter to help stay warm and continue working toward better health.

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8 Things Spoonies Need for Winter:

1. Blankets

There’s something about having a blanket over you that helps to feel secure. Whether it’s a quilt my grandma made or my favorite fleece blanket, I’m quite fond of wrapping up in a blanket during the winter. I really want to get this blanket…doesn’t it look warm and cozy?!

2. A Heating Pad

Not a day goes by in the winter that I don’t use a heating pad. It is a big help for pain relief and warmth! This heating pad is the same brand as the one I use, just a different color. :)

3. Epsom salt

Epsom salt baths are wonderful during the cold winter for both warmth and pain relief! Epsom salt can be easily purchased at your local grocery store. This kind of Epsom salt is a great one to try! Not only does it help with pain and detoxing but the lavender scent is calming and refreshing. On days I don’t take Epsom salt baths, I use the sauna!

4. Warm fuzzy socks

Fuzzy socks really do help you stay warmer! These super cute animal ones would be fun to have!

5. Leggings and sweatshirts!

My favorite leggings are from Forever 21. They usually have all kinds of different colors. I spend most days in leggings and sweatshirts because they are the most comfortable things I could wear that also keep me warm.

6. Long sweaters

I have a long sweater almost exactly like this one and I absolutely love it! It keeps me warm and can even look dressy if I need to go out.

7. Hot tea

Every day, I make tea using this electric kettle. It heats up really fast, which helps speed the process along. I’m constantly drinking detox tea, like this one and this one. Winding down for bed is always better with some Nighty Night Tea.

8. Great friends

I know you can’t exactly buy this one, but just being a great friend to your favorite friend with chronic illness can make a big difference in their life. If you’re the one with a chronic illness, remember the value of having people in your life who can help lift your mood during the cold, dark season of winter! Remember, we need each other while going through chronic illness.


If you’re looking for support on your journey with chronic illness, please know you don’t have to walk through this tough season alone! Grab your free copy of my eBook, Finding Hope Through the Fogand join our Facebook community of hope!


Things you need for winter with a chronic illness