9 Things to Instantly Boost Your Mood

Let’s face it. Life with a chronic illness can be hard. Very hard.

The ups and downs of symptoms can be overwhelming.

While the pain and fatigue are difficult to deal with, I usually find that symptoms of depression and anxiety affect me the most.

Over the years of dealing with depression and anxiety, I’ve come to find some useful tools that help me boost my mood when I’m feeling low. These things are not cures (I’m not a doctor and can’t give treatment plans or cures anyway!), but they are resources to help you feel a little better on your journey of treating chronic illness.

Things to Do for an Instant Mood Boost

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9 Things to Instantly Boost Your Mood:

1. Pray and meditate on Biblical truth

When we’re feeling down, the first place we need to go is to the truth in God’s Word. Don’t really feel like praying? That’s okay. Tell God that. Ask Him to give you the desire to pray and be in His Word. I’ve realized that usually when I need Him most, my low mood gets in the way of going to Him for support. Don’t let your feelings keep you from embracing the Lord’s comfort.

In my free eBook, I share some practical ways to get into the Word when you’re distressed.

Another resource that has been helpful for putting my struggles into perspective is this book. Our problems seem a little less daunting when we further understand God’s character.

2. Open the blinds to let natural light in

This one helps me a lot! If I’m not feeling particularly cheerful, I open the blinds. Having natural light in my days truly makes a difference.

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3. Drink some water or your favorite tea

The combination of warm lemon water with some of these other tips can be game-changing. Lemon water also helps me manage brain fog because it serves as a detox method.

I just love wrapping up in a blanket with a hot cup of tea! Some of my favorite detox teas are this wonderful tea and this other amazing tea.

4. Sit out in the sun

Take advantage of free Vitamin D by sitting out in the sun. :) Embrace the sunshine and fresh air if it’s a nice day!

5. Go for a walk

While walking may not be possible for all with chronic illnesses, if you are able to go for a short walk, do it! I’ve been able to gradually build up stamina to take some longer walks. When I first started re-implementing walks into my routine, I could barely go a block. Now I go much father and it always makes me feel better emotionally.

6. Use essential oils

I love the way essential oils help lift my mood. Try diffusing essential oils or rubbing a couple drops on the bottoms of your feet or on your wrists/neck. My favorite oils to use are Joy Essential Oil, Lavender, Peace and Calming, and Ylang Ylang.

7. Listen to music

There’s something amazing about some good worship music to help me move toward a better mood. Keep a playlist ready in Spotify so you can always go to it when needed.

8. Be with people you enjoy (and laugh together!)

Laughing with my favorite people is the best! If you’re dealing with low moods, human connection can be a helpful thing to get you out of the funk. Laughter really is good medicine, too!

9. Bring yourself back to truth

In tip number 1, I shared about why we should meditate on Biblical truth. Now to wrap things up in this post, I want to encourage you to also bring yourself back to that truth over and over again. It can be easy to spend a little time in the Bible and then go about our days like usual. When we’re in rough places mentally, we need to remind ourselves of truth over and over again.

One of my favorite ways to do this is to write Bible verses on notecards that I take with me wherever I go. If I’m tempted to speak bitterly about a situation or just wallow in self-pity, I take the cards out and remember who God is in the face of trials. God is still good. All the time.


If you’re looking for support on your journey with chronic illness, please know you don’t have to walk through this tough season alone! Grab your free copy of my eBook, Finding Hope Through the Fogand join our email community of hope!


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6 thoughts on “9 Things to Instantly Boost Your Mood

  1. These are great tips. I love going on walks with my dog. Even though it is sometimes challenging physically, for my mental health it is an amazing boost. And music is a great one too, I have a playlist with songs that remind me of good memories. That helps me to realize that this too shall pass.

    1. Thanks, Kirsten! Ooooh I love that your playlist includes songs that remind you of good memories. I don’t have specific memories attached to all my songs but thinking through some of those could be helpful. Love that!

  2. Some great suggestions to help on days when you need a lift – thanks :) I love using my essential oil diffuser and totally agree about the benefits of a walk – being in nature can change your perspective and bring you back to the present!

  3. Thanks so much I need to learn computer!I was encouraged today for a connection I feel so isolated in my life’s journey God Bless Your Kindness!!

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