Finding Hope Through the Fog

So, you may have noticed that I just launched an eBook! I couldn’t wait to finish it so that it could be shared with my blog readers and friends. When all hope seemed lost, writing helped me process what was going on with my body, mind, and spirit. I needed the external release of emotions to gather my thoughts and think through all that I was going through.

This journey of battling chronic Lyme Disease, co-infections, and several other health issues has left me feeling broken and discouraged. However, even though life has been rough, I have been made aware of where I am placing my hope.

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It’s easy to hear someone say that when you need God He will always be there and think they’re over-exaggerating. You might see that person as trying to be holier than thou. You may even roll your eyes. Honestly, I used to feel that way.

I became a Christian just a few days before my 19th birthday and even after I began to trust God with my life, I still felt that personal responsibility and hard work were the keys to getting through the hard times. In fact, I prayed and wanted to trust God with big life plans, but in the day-to-day small stuff, I relied almost entirely on my own work ethic…that was until I became too sick to function.

When I couldn’t get out of bed or be effective in any area of my life, I finally realized that relying on myself was getting me nowhere. I had to trust God. That’s what I write about in Finding Hope Through the Fog. I can’t wait for you to read it!

In elementary school fashion, here are the 5 W’s behind my new eBook:


Finding Hope Through the Fog was written for anyone who has felt lost beneath the fog of depression, anxiety, other health concerns, or day-to-day life. When talking with others and sharing about the severe brain fog I experience with Lyme Disease, I realized that the “fog” might mean different things to different people. At the end of the day, the “fog” is a feeling of disconnect. We feel slightly lost and far from God. So, this book is for people who feel weary and are hungry for something more. This book is for those who want something real, but who can’t seem to find their way there.


What’s this eBook about? It’s about finding hope – real hope. It’s not a fake kind of hope that comes from self-reliance. It’s real hope that comes from laying down pride and letting God meet us in our weakness. I also share some stories from my own life that include my boyfriend, Jonathan and my sweet little niece, Gracie. I share about some of my darkest times and what I learned when it seemed like everything I knew had been stripped away.


Where can I get the eBook? You can grab your free copy of Finding Hope Through the Fog right here on the blog. Once you enter your name and email address, you need to confirm it in your inbox and then a .pdf copy of the eBook will be emailed to you.


I truly think you’ll enjoy reading it. Not only will you be able to read about my personal weaknesses, but you’ll be able to hear about how God helped me cope. Life with Lyme Disease is ROUGH and I could not be handling this all alone. No matter what kind of challenges you may be going through in your life, the lessons may be applicable as well.


Now is a great time to download Finding Hope Through the Fog!  You can easily read it in an evening or on a weekend afternoon.

I hope you’ll join with me on this journey of finding true hope!


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