Let’s Find Hope Amidst Chronic Illness

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Hello there, sweet reader!

I want you to know that I am so glad you are here!

Since our community has been growing in recent months, I wanted to write a blog post that tells a little bit more of the heart behind the writing on this site.

My name is Emily Lofgren. I’m 26 years old, and I am currently treating Lyme Disease, co-infections, Pyroluria, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and more. Life with chronic illness has been a hard journey for me. I’ve hard periods of times when I wanted to give up, but there was always this deeper, lasting hope within me as the Holy Spirit worked to keep me aware of His presence.

I am a Christian. I love the Lord and desire for my life to reflect Christ. My goal in writing here is to help others who are facing similar life experiences with chronic illness. I want those who are hurting to know that they are not alone and that the Lord will meet them in the midst of the pain.

A little over a year ago, I released an eBook called Finding Hope Through the Fog. It shares about my struggles with chronic illness and what it meant to turn to God when it felt like things are hopeless. I’d love to give you a free copy!

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Here are some of my most-read blog posts. I hope they’ll be helpful resources for you in your journey of following Christ while living with a chronic illness!

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Also, it would be great to have you join the blog’s Facebook group, Christian Chronic Illness Support! There you can connect with others, be encouraged in your walk with Christ, ask for prayer, and more.

I hope you enjoy these resources! Thank you so much for being here.

Download your FREE copy of Finding Hope Through the Fog today and you'll get:

  1. The story of my battle with chronic Lyme Disease
  2. Practical application questions and scripture to bring hope
  3. Encouragement for your journey
  4. Personal prayer support at any time!
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Emily Lofgren’s heart beats for authenticity. She craves true connection where we can be real about our struggles and find hope together. Emily became a Christian in college and since then has had a passion for writing in a way that helps others encounter life. Grab your free copy of her eBook Finding Hope Through the Fog.

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