13 Christmas Gift Ideas for Someone With a Chronic Illness

Christmas Gift Chronic Illness

Buying a Christmas gift for someone with a chronic illness can be challenging. It’s hard to know what someone would want or use when they’re dealing with debilitating symptoms. Life with chronic illness can look a lot different than it does for someone who is healthy, so I created this guide to make finding the right gift for someone with chronic pain or illness easier!

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Here are some gift ideas for those with chronic pain or illness:

1. A gift card to their favorite local store or even a gift card to Amazon.com. Amazon gift cards come in handy when ordering supplements or other necessities. It’s also fun to have money to spend on a book, movie, or other hobby supplies.

Coloring book chronic illness

2. Coloring book and colored pencils – I love coloring books like this one that include scripture. They help ground me in the Word. Twist up colored pencils are my favorite because they’re much easier to use since they don’t require sharpening!

3. A luxurious, warm blanket! A lot of people with chronic illnesses like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Thyroid conditions, and Lyme Disease have temperature sensitivity. I’ve been eyeing this blanket for a while – I’m even thinking of putting it on my wedding registry because it looks incredibly warm and comforting!

4. Some cute, comfortable leggings – For those who spend a lot of time resting, wearing something that feels cute while also being like pajamas is wonderful! There are so many patterns to choose from in these leggings.

5. An acupressure mat – These are great for pain relief with chronic illness. Acupressure mat for pain relief chronic illness

6. Offer to pay for some supplements or treatment for a portion of time. I can’t tell you what a blessing it would be to have even a week’s worth of supplements paid for by a friend or family member!

7. A Bluetooth speaker can be a useful tool for those who spend a lot of time detoxing while listening to music or podcasts. Doing detox treatments can get boring fast, so listening to something can help pass the time!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Someone With a Chronic Illness

8. A heating pad – Even if they already have one, an additional heating pad can be incredibly beneficial for those dealing with chronic pain. I only have one, and while I’m using it on one area I often wish I had a second one to use for a different place of pain.

Scripture wall art for chronic illness9. Scripture wall art – Having scripture posted around my house helps remind me of who God is and how he’s working in my life, even through the ups and downs of suffering. Wall art like this can be encouraging to someone who is going through difficult times with chronic illness.

10. An Instant Pot – This is on my Christmas list this year! I have heard those who are avid users of instant pots rave about how much easier it makes cooking. You can make fast, nutritious bone broth with it…which I’m all about as I seek to heal my gut. (You can make a lot more than bone broth, though!)

11. Money for a date night – Money can be tight for those with chronic illnesses, so it could be a big blessing to give money to someone who could use a date night out (or in) with their spouse or significant other.

12. An Amazon Kindle – Kindles can be helpful for those who spend a lot of time stuck at home or in bed. You can use them to get on the internet, play games, and read. At times of intense arthritis, my hands hurt too much to hold a book. Propping up the Kindle is a great way to still read when books are too much for someone with a chronic illness.

13. Fuzzy socks – These socks are super cute and warm! Last year, I had a gift basket given to me that included a couple pairs of fuzzy socks, some Epsom salt, and a coloring book. I loved this gift!

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