Answering Questions about DNRS

After sharing a long post about my experience with the Dynamic Neural Retraining System, I’ve been receiving questions about the program. So I figured a post with more details could be beneficial. I’m really glad you’re looking into DNRS because it truly has been a huge help for me, and I hope it can be a blessing to you!

What are typical exercises for the Dynamic Neural Retraining System?

The physical exercises combine speech, visualization, and body movement. It’s all done by a system that fosters cognitive neurorehabilitation. You’re essentially changing the wiring of your brain through a combination of thoughts, movement, and speech.

It does not include meditation. It isn’t a religious practice, but I do incorporate Biblical truth into the things I say and visualize. You can tailor the program to what’s right for you.

If you’re at a place where physical movement is not possible, don’t worry! You can do this without moving if you need to. At the beginning of using DNRS, I had very little strength to stand for the exercises, so I just did them from my bed. Gradually, I was able to work up to standing for them for the entire time. :)

More detail are available in the FAQ Section of the DNRS Website.


How much time does DNRS take?

I’m not going to sugarcoat this part for you. Retraining your brain is a lot of work, but it’s totally worth it! To begin, there is a 14-hour program to watch over a period of 4 or more days. It took me longer than 4 days to get through it all.

Along with the DVDs, there’s a workbook with sections to read and complete. If this is overwhelming to you, just gradually do what you can do. The program can still work even if you don’t do everything perfectly.

DNRS recommends you set aside an hour per day for 6 months to cement the new, functional neural pathways you’ll create. The hour can be split into segments of 15, 20, or 30 minutes if you can’t do it all at once. This is a big commitment and something that can’t be taken lightly.

I’ve found that when I am committed to my daily practice, I get excited about doing more of it because I know the results are good!


Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS)

Are you all the way healed now?

Like I shared in the original post about DNRS, I am not all the way healed yet, but my life is night and day different now! I believe in the next few months, I’ll keep seeing more results!

Just thinking about how far I’ve come brings tears to my eyes. I went from being unable to walk more than a block or two to being able to walk 3-4 miles! I went from being unable to handle social situations to going out with friends and actually enjoying myself! I had the strength and energy to move most of my belongings, organize and set up a new house on my own, and be happy while doing it. Read more about the success I’ve seen with DNRS it in this post.


Tips and Suggestions for using DNRS

Stress is incredibly detrimental to the limbic system, and a couple months ago I experienced an extreme stress/trauma situation. Prior to that situation, I had been experiencing very minimal symptoms. I was almost “normal” again. Most neurological symptoms were gone. But when the trauma entered the situation, it got things a little off track. I was still WAY better than I was before starting to the program, but it was a setback that affected me deeply. I’ve worked hard with brain retraining to get things back, and I keep seeing more results. It’s amazing what this program can do!

But I can’t emphasize enough the importance of eliminating stress in your life to the best of your ability. Surround yourself with people who will speak kind words to you and will help build you up instead of tear you down.

I don’t like to say things like, “This changed my life,” because I often feel it’s an over exaggeration. And as a Christian, nothing has changed my life like becoming a believer in Christ. But I completely believe that God led me to DNRS at just the right time. God has used His Word and DNRS to change my life for the better. (And isn’t it so cool how God designed us with bodies that can heal themselves?!)

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