When You’re Not Okay…

When you're not okay

I am convinced that we as a society put too much pressure on ourselves and each other. There are unspoken rules surrounding expectations, with hidden pressures waiting to pounce as soon as your guard is lowered. Sometimes those expectations come from others, but more often I have found that the expectations I place on myself […]

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7 Mistakes I Made in Dating

7 Things I Did Wrong in Dating

[Photo by the talented David Chesling Photography] Jonathan and I haven’t had the easiest relationship. …and that would also be a bit of an understatement. Those who know my heart know how much I adore him and am proud to call Jonathan my boyfriend. I love him more than I ever imagined I could love. Yet, throughout our […]

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The Real Value of Roses

Birthday Roses

Prior to dating Jonathan, I was on the fence about whether flowers (especially roses) were worth the expense. The gesture is nice, I thought, but I wouldn’t want my boyfriend to spend that kind of money on something that will just die. I thought I would rather create experiences together or buy something that would serve […]

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Soaking in God’s Word

Soak in God's word

I have a habit that drives my sister Maggie completely bonkers. She gets agitated with me, making this habit a source of material for her complaining. When I do dishes, I like to let them soak. I’d say my method of washing dishes is ideal. You set them in the sink and run water over them while […]

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The Gift of Time Spent in China


It’s hard to have lived a life no one else understands. Even if it was only a piece of a life, it still matters. It has molded me and shaped me, creating the person I am today. My experience living in China mattered. While I did not grow up there or spend a decade living there […]

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